Invitation for hybrid conferences organised by International Scientific Events in Bulgaria, August 2021

Dear MULTOFORESEE members,
We have received this information about several hybrid conferences organised by International Scientific Events in Bulgaria to take place in August 2021.
I invite you to read more about each conference on their website 
Various fields options: 

Agriculture & Food, 9th International Conference (16-19 August) 

Ecology & Safety, 30th International Conference (16-19 August) 

Materials, Methods & Technologies, 23rd International Conference (19-22 August) 

Economy & Business, 20th International Conference (22-25 August) 

Education, Research & Development, 12th International Conference (25-28 August)

Language, Individual & Society, 15th International Conference (25-28 August) 
With COVID-19, many scientists may encounter travel difficulties. Therefore, we decided to allow participants to change the type of presentation (oral, poster, or online) up to 20 days before the conference’s actual date. 
Online participants can present oral presentations and posters; they will receive all printed materials (program, certificate, etc.) from the event and publish their papers. There is no limit to the number of changes allowed in the presentation type.
The papers presented will be published in open-access journals, part of 
International Scientific Publications.
Organized by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Science & Education Foundation and partners.”
Science & Education Foundation, Bulgaria

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