WG1 and WG2 will have separate meetings on the same days at the same Venue. Prof. Alexandra Guedes is hosting the meeting At the University of Porto, Portugal on June 29th 2017. The purpose of the meetings is to establish a baseline reference of the state of the art of imaging technologies. Some of the topics being investigated in the Round Robin study to be planned at the meetings are:

  1. Identification of commonalities and diversity of END USER requirements for evidence collection, treatment, examination and admission to a Court of Law across the COST Action Countries
  2. Identification of END USERS “information and technology desirables” to enhance the value of the forensic evidence
  3. Identification of the range of technologies applicable to the analysis of the different types of evidence
  4. Identification of current limitations of the assessed technologies and technological and software desirables
  5. Identification of current limitations of the assessed technologies and desirables;
  6. Assessment of the quality/quantity of information currently achieved through the application of a given technique across the COST Action Countries
  7. Assessment of the treatment of the information across the COST Action Countries (processing, artifacts, storage, sharing).

The first WG meetings have generated a very engaging debate especially around best approaches to use in order to investigate topic of interest.

There was a very good and collaborative atmosphere leading to the design of two Round Robin Studies which have been deployed. Results will be discussed at the WG meetings in Krakow 6-9 Nov 2017 during the I MULTIFORESEE Conference. Photos taken at the meetings are below, agendas are attached for WG1 and for WG2.