MULTIFORESEE Training School – August 21st-25th 2017

 Operational CSI and Imaging Techniques

This training school is hosted by one of the end users of the Multiforesee Action (Mr N. Denison, MC member, Head of identification Services West Yorkshire Police (WYP), UK).  It is designed to fulfil two main aims:

1) Train the ECIs on the CSI practice of recovering/acquiring, collecting, storing and handling of the evidence (including data protection). This training is paramount to trigger ways to make current or future imaging and multi-modal imaging technologies actually operational by complying with these requirements. Both digital and analytical evidence will be taken in account.

2) Train ECIs on the modern analytical and digital imaging techniques currently used to process the evidence at the crime scene or at crime labs. Strength points and limitations as well as compliance with the Law requirements for evidence handling at all stages will be illustrated.

Six trainers from WYP and 4 trainers from the Action network will deliver practical and theoretical material. The 4 Action Trainers are Dr Simona Francese (Chair of the Action, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, prof. Massimo Tistarelli (Vice -Chair of the Action, University of Sassari, Italy), Prof. Lorna Dawson (MC substitute member, James Hutton Institute, UK) and Martin Baiker (The Netherlands Forensic Institute, Netherlands)

Venue: Carr Gate Complex, Bradford Road, Wakefield WF2 0QD, United Kingdom

The First CA16101 MULTIFORESEE COST ACTION Training School 21-25 August 2017 hosted by West Yorkshire Police, UK has been a great success!

The school was focussed on CSI requirements and imaging based operational casework and included theoretical and practical classes delivered by CSI and crime lab investigators as well as by academics and practitioners from the UK, Italy and Netherlands. The school intended to offer a flavor and appreciation of the Law Enforcement requirements when applying or processing evidence acquired through digital and analytical imaging technology to investigate casework. The main aim was to trigger the development of new or complementary imaging methodologies that can be operationally deployed. The attendees all provided extremely positive feedback with 7/8 rating level of satisfaction 5/5 and one rating 4/5.

West Yorkshire Police has been a very attentive host putting together a comprehensive programme appealing to all trainees from different backgrounds (see above).

Academics’s and practitioners’ lectures have also been extremely well received by the trainees. Trainees have been invited to host a seminar in their Institution to disseminate what they have learnt at the Training School.

I look forward to the next successful school!

With the best wishes

Simona Francese

Chair of the Action CA16101

CA16101 Training School Programme and Application form

CA16101 Training School awarded trainers

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