The Workshop Poster is available here.

The workshop is focused on industry active in digital forensics with respect to fingerprints and facial recognition presenting their innovations and products in this area to academics and end users. 


This workshop is a rare opportunity for industry to take the stage and present their innovation inthe field of biometric imaging. The purpose is two fold:

1) to initiate a dialogue between industry, end users and academia promoting a synergy leading to commercially exploitable and operationally viable forensic science imaging; 

2) For industry to present their relevant to the Action sales portfolio and having the opportunity for collaborative R&D improving current products as well as practitioners/end user expansion of contacts.

Program Outline (times may change according to late submissions):

Report (link)

We thank the following companies for contributing to this workshop by presenting their latest innovations:

EVISCAN | German eForensics GmbH

EVISCAN is an innovative high-tech workstation that enables forensic experts around the world to detect, enhance and digitally preserve latent fingerprints and latent trace evidence. EVISCAN acquires latent fingerprints with neither physical contact nor use of chemical agents.


The company has been engaged in the development and manufacture of contact-less laser measurement technology for near-surface substance detection

Foster & Freeman


Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels.

Recendt, Research Center Non Destructive Testing

Videometer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Videometer makes spectral imaging equipment that enables a broad range of forensic measurements in a rapid, non-destructive and versatile way. The main instrument, VideometerLab, does UV, Visual, and NIR reflectance+fluorescence imaging in high resolution with application-optimized signal to noise ratio.

Report (download)