Working group 1

The main goal of this COST Action is to build synergies between relevant cutting edge research within currently employed imaging technologies and those under development for operational and commercial exploitation. Working Group 1 focusses on refining and developing chemical and analytical imaging technologies as well as outlining best practice guidelines for application of such imaging protocols and technologies” (“Analytical Strand”) individually and in a multi-modal approach. The group comprises a wide range of expertise from nanaoparticles to optical, spectroscopic and mass spectrometric methods. Since 2017 the group has been focussing mainly on fingerprints and documents/ink as forensic evidence
We want to
– identify state-of-the-art imaging technologies and the range of their application
– identify end users’s requirements for evidence collection, treatment examination and admission to a Court of Law
– intercomparison by Round Robin Studies will support the grading of available methodologies/technologies/protocols to identify the benefit of new technologies for end users
– pseudo-operational trails will test methodologies and technologies at relevant scenes and on relevant samples
–  workshops, STSMs and network meetings will allow brainstorming, will help to draw conclusions and identify desirable for each technology to improve its capabilities
By this we will have
– comprehensive information on state-of-the-art capabilities
– including reliable data on information extractable from each imaging capability (sensitivity, robustness, versatility, compatibility).
By this we shall be able to provide indicators for potential combinations for new multimodal-imaging approaches in Forensics and may even be able to provide decisional tree flowcharts indicating the most appropriate technology.


Citations used in the report:

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