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The main objective of this Action, entitled MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnce Evidence (MULTI-FORESEE)- tools for Forensic Science, is to promote innovative, multi-informative, operationally deployable and commercially exploitable imaging solutions/technology to analyse forensic evidence.

Forensic evidence includes, but not limited to, fingermarks, hair, paint, biofluids, digital evidence, fibers, documents and living individuals. Imaging technologies include optical, mass spectrometric, spectroscopic, chemical, physical and digital forensic techniques complemented by expertise in IT solutions and computational modelling.

Imaging technologies enable multiple physical and chemical information to be captured in one analysis, from one specimen, with information being more easily conveyed and understood for a more rapid exploitation. The enhanced value of the evidence gathered will be conducive to much more informed investigations and judicial decisions thus contributing to both savings to the public purse and to a speedier and stronger criminal justice system.

The Action will use the unique networking and capacity-building capabilities provided by the COST framework to bring together the knowledge and expertise of Academia, Industry and End Users. This synergy is paramount to boost imaging technological developments which are operationally deployable.

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