2nd Call for STSM Applications for Missions Occurring between 1 may 2018 and 30 april 2019.

For this call, the Management Committee of COST Action CA16101 “MultiForesee” has allocated a total budget of 20000 Euro for up to 8STSMs with the prospect of additional budget to be allocated by the MC in its next meeting.The applications will be evaluated in order of the date received by the STSM committee until the budget is depleted. The amounts granted for each individual STSM will be determined during the evaluation process by the formally appointed person (s).

The selection of applicants is based on the scientific scope of the STSM application which must clearly compliment the overall objectives of the Action.

Find more information:  Call 2 for STSM Applications COST Action CA16101 MultiForesee final

Guidelines: How to apply for an STSM in COST action CA16101

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