CA16101 Members Publications


  • L. Deiningera, S. Francese, M.R. Clench, G. Langenburg, V. Sears, C. Sammon, “Investigation of infinite focus microscopy for the determination of the association of blood with fingermarks”, Science & Justice (2018) (link)

  • J.Spigulis, “Multispectral, fluorescent and photoplethysmographic imaging for remote skin assessment”, Sensors, 17, 1165 (2017) (link)
  • M. Pleva, P. Bours, S. Ondas and J. Juhar, “Improving static audio keystroke analysis by score fusion of acoustic and timing data”, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Volume 76, Issue 24, pp. 25749-25766, Dec. 2017, DOI: (link)


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